The street level Cafe at Conservatory is housed in the historical landmark previously occupied by Queen’s Burgers and Irv’s respectively.

The Café will serve Verve Coffee offerings, pastries from Bakers Kneaded and will feature “The Spritz Trail”- with selections of amaris from Italy, Switzerland, France and the United States. Each will be crafted with sparkling water, prosecco and served with an orange wedge and a castelvetrano olive.

Cafe Menu



Drip Coffee 4
Espresso 3
Latte 4.75
Macchiato 3.75
Cappuccino 4
Americano 4
Vietnamese Coffee 4
Cold Brew 4
Nitro Cold Brew 5


Mexican Hot Chocolate 4.5
Rosemary Coffee 4.5
Cafe Mocha 4.5
Cafe Shakerato 4.5
Affogato 5.5


Chai Latte 4.5
Matcha Latte 5
Iced Tea 4
Hot Tea 3
Earl Grey
Jasmine Green
Ginger Lemongrass
Fresh Mint


Orange 8
Green 8
Daily Selection 8

Bottled Water 3


Breakfast Burrito 8
(until sold out)

Charcuterie Bento 12
fromage, charcuterie,
and crackers

Overnight Oats 5.5

Parfait 5.5